Items and Preparations Subject to Change Without Notice, Based on Availability.
Updated 07/20

Signature Desserts

~ Ophelia’s Signature Key Lime Pie ~
Florida Key Lime Infused with Coconut and Rum Baked on a Graham Crust
and Served over Mango Coulis with Buttercream and Lime Zest….11

~ Crème Brulee ~
Our Pastry Chef’s Daily Flavor of Infused French Custard,
Finished with Torched Brown Sugar and Fresh Berries….9

~ Triple Chocolate Torte ~
Chocolate Cookie Crumb Layered with Godiva Infused Chocolate Mousse and Shiny Chocolate Ganache
Finished with a Duo of Diplomat Creams, Nougatine, and Lavender Dust ….10

~ Classic Lemon Meringue ~
Set on a Shortbread Crust and Topped with Torched Swiss Merengue and
Accompanied by Fresh Mixed Berry and Chambord Sauce ….9

~ Blueberry Clafoutis ~
Sugared Blueberries Baked Inside Delicate Lemon and Herb Custard
Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Honey Tuille….8

~ Ice Cream, Gelato, and Sorbet ~
~ Vanilla Ice Cream ~ Dark Chocolate Ice Cream ~ Strawberry Ice Cream ~
~ Coconut Gelato ~ Caramel Sea Salt Gelato ~
~ Mango Sorbet ~ Acai Sorbet ~

Executive Chef Kyle Smothers